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20111231 Primary study on the effect of microorganism inoculation on fluecured tobacoo fermentation 吕 欣,王 颖,赵德学 2011,39(12):186-190 15692
20110431 Dynamics of urban landscape and driving forces of Xi’an city urbanization 丁晓辉,张远迎,陶文芳 2011,39(4):182-188 12161
20100133 Study on the fermentation media for spinosad production LI Neng-wei,ZHANG Xiao-lin,GUO Wei-qun,XIONG Jian,SONG Wei and SONG Yuan 2010,38(1):216-224 11050
20100106 Analysis of the structure and function of porcine Musclin protein by bioinformatics SUN Chao,WANG Li,QI Ren-li and JIANG Dong-feng 2010,38(1):30-34 10407
20100809 Analysis of cytoplasmic effects on combining ability of yield of hybrid rice 杨国涛,谢崇华,李海青 2010,38(8):55-60 10255
20130217 Cloning and expression analysis of a powdery mildew-responsive VqAP gene in Chinese wild Vitis quinquangularis 牛 姣,王西平 2013,41(2):101-107 9291
20121235 Implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy controller for smartcar based on fuzzyTECH 杨凯峰,王 击,彭 辉 2012,40(12):230-234 8264
20071130 Effects of soil cornstalk fertilization on nutrient leaching in preferential flow 耿玉辉,卢文喜,姜亦梅 2007,35(11):146-150 7485
20100111 Morphological differentiation of seeds of the clonal herb Ligularia virgaurea in the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau YANG Jian-mei,CHEN Xue-lin,ZHANG Mu-hua,DONG Ping and WEN Fa-xin 2010,38(1):60-66 6375
20120325 Study on characteristics of polyphenol oxidase in peony 陈 静,符真珠,王 政 2012,40(3):154-157 6015
20120923 Variation trends of soil enzyme activity and soil fertility in greenhouses with different planting years 杨建军,康恩祥,陈年来 2012,40(9):141-146 5977
20100724 Effects of 1-MCP treatment on shelflife quality of kiwi fruit 王胜男,任小林,任 艳 2010,38(7):149-154 5928
20100407 Wnt3a synergized with Activin A promote differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into definitive endoderm 周 静,李 进,林 戈 2010,38(4):37-41 5888
20100134 Numerical simulation about Rectangle Sharp-crested Weir and evaluation of free-surface XU Ling-jun,CHEN Gang,LI Guo-dong and XUE Yang 2010,38(1):225-230 5871
20100108 Cloning and analysis of POU1F1 gene in dairy goat and its prokaryotic expression LI Jian-hua,LUO Jun,ZHANG Xiao,FAN Rui,WANG Wei,HAO Juan and ZHAO Wang-sheng 2010,38(1):41-45 5712
20130408 Expression of human fibroblast growth factor 21 in transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana benthamiana) using potato virus X vector 付宏岐,薛 萍,杨莉芳 2013,41(4):45-51 5712
20100104 Effects of extractive of Lespedeza davurica on reproductive performance and antioxidant indices of broiler chickens WU Hong-xin,SHAN Chang-hui,Alamus,HU Tian-ming and WANG Yu-qing 2010,38(1):17-22 5392
20070720 Effect of storage treatment with N2 on physiology and quality of fresh-cut kiwifruit slices 穆翠娥,饶景萍,马海军 2007,35(7):107-110 5350
20120407 Dietary calcium/phosphorus ratio requirement of GIFT tilapia fingerling,Oreochromis niloticus 姚鹰飞,文 华,蒋 明 2012,40(4):38-46 5258
20090806 Detecting Citrullinemia in Holstein Calves using PCR-SSCP analysis 魏玉春,刘丑生,王新庄 2009,37(8):31-35 5210

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