Reviewing guidelines

After receiving invitation email to review a manuscript from the editorial office, you can clink the link in the email to directly review, or you can use the username and password in the email to log on the journal website before reviewing. You can find the manuscript for reviewing after clicking the “New invitation list” under the “My review assignments” button on the left side of the page once you log in.

Regardless the ways you choose, please follow below instructions:

(1) Please download the manuscript and save in local computers before reviewing. If you have comments in the manuscript, please upload the file together with your comments through the link in read for uploading (same as uploading email attachments). Additional comments and explanations should be uploaded to the system as well. Do not send attachments through email.

(2) If you can’t finish the review in the page of “Online comments submission”, please make sure you save your inputs by clicking the button of “Save and continue next time” at the bottom of the page.

(3) Click the “Complete review” button after your fill up your comments and upload the attachments.

(4) Call the number of +86-029-87092511 or contact the handling editor when you meet problems in uploading attachments or have questions during reviewing. You can find the name and email address of handling editor at the top of the page for comment submission. Please do not send your questions to the email address of the editorial office as your email may be missed due to excessive emails to the address.


If you have senior professional title and want to server as a reviewer for the journal, you can register in the page of “log in to review” and submit your application. The editorial team will examine your application and let you know the decision. The journal always welcomes experts to join the team of reviewers.    

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