Journal of Northwest A&F University (Natural Science Edition)


First published in 1936 as the Journal of Northwest Agriculture University, the Journal of Northwest A&F University (Natural Science Edition) is the earliest comprehensive academic journal of agro-sciences in Northwest China. Devoted to covering international scientific frontiers on both theoretical exploration and practical application, the journal publishes original academic achievements in the fields of agriculture and forestry sciences, plant protection, resource and environmental sciences, horticultural science, animal science and medicine, food science, life science, farmland water conservancy and construction engineering, and mechanical and electronic engineering. The readers are domestic and foreign workers in agricultural and forestry sciences, college faculty, graduate students and agricultural and forestry management cadres.

       The journal is sponsored by the Northwest A&F University, which is one of the universities involved in the “Double-First Class” initiative and supported by the national “985 Program” and “211 Program”. The journal is entitled in the lists of core journals in national comprehensive agricultural science, key journals for Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), key journals in Chinese science and technology, RCCSE Chinese key academic journals (A) and agriculture and forestry core journals in China. Papers from the journal are broadly included in various domestic and foreign databases and abstract journals including British Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI), British Global Health (GH), the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology (AGRIS) of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Russian Abstract Journal (Pж(AJ)), Japan Science and Technology Agency Database (JST), and USA EBSCO.

The journal is ranked 30 out of 134 comprehensive agricultural journals based on the 2021 World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) and is selected as one of echelon journals in Sanqin Excellent Science and Technology Journals. Since 1995, the journal has been awarded by more than 80 times in comprehensive quality assessment of academic journals in Shaanxi Province and nationally. Since 2014, the journal has been consecutively selected as one of the 100 Outstanding Academic Journals of China for 7 times, one of the High-quality Scientific and Technological Journals of China and High-quality Science and Technology Journals of Shaanxi Province for 5 times, and one of the High-quality Scientific and Technological Journals in Chinese Universities for 3 times. It was also entitled in Outstanding Scientific and Technological Journals in Chinese Universities in 2020 and Leading Agricultural Journals of China in 2021. The journal has made great contribution in promoting academic communication, academic theoretic development, and sci-tech advancement.

The Journal of Northwest A&F University (Natural Science Edition) is a monthly journal published openly on the 10th day of each month both at home and aboard. The price per issue is 30 CNY with an annual total of 360 CNY. The post code is 52-82 and can be subscribed in all post offices nationwide or directly from the editorial office. The foreign publication agent is the China International Book Trading Corporation with release code of M8146.

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