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Once his manuscript is accepted, all authors shall sign the copyright authorization agreement (the authorization is downloaded via our website) and grant the exclusive distribution right (including the distribution right of various media ,such as WeChat official account and other new media accounts)to the Journal of Northwest A&F University. The author agrees to use the article with the license of CC by NC nd after publication. 
The copyright of the articles belongs to the authors. Every peer-reviewed research article appearing in this journal will be published open access.  All articles will be published under the following license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.  
Our journal uses the Creative Commons to allow third-party users to share in the way of signature (by) - non-commercial use (NC) - no deduction (nd) (CC BY-NC-ND), that is, the third party is allowed to copy, distribute, exhibit, perform, show, broadcast or disseminate the articles published by this Journal to the public through the information network, but the author's signature must be retained in these processes Only for non-commercial purposes and no deductive creation is allowed.


The journal's website will permanently preserve contents published at least from 1958. If readers find missing papers or inaccessible, please contact us.

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