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20130217 Cloning and expression analysis of a powdery mildew-responsive VqAP gene in Chinese wild Vitis quinquangularis 牛 姣,王西平 2013,41(2):101-107 16810
20121235 Implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy controller for smartcar based on fuzzyTECH 杨凯峰,王 击,彭 辉 2012,40(12):230-234 15473
20071130 Effects of soil cornstalk fertilization on nutrient leaching in preferential flow 耿玉辉,卢文喜,姜亦梅 2007,35(11):146-150 9483
19890355 TRACING BACK TO THE SOURCES OF GRAPHICAL SYMBOLS (Hong Yimei Lu Qipeng) (Northwestern Agricultural University) 1989,(3):77-84 6987
20080719 The mechanism and model validation of ecological engineering of forestry (grass) in Loess Plateau 韩新辉,杨改河,徐丽萍 2008,36(7):118-126 5262
20140406 Effects of dietary sodium bicarbonate on digesta pH,digestive enzyme activities and intestinal microflora of laying hens LIU Yan, DONG Xiao-fang and TONG Jian-ming,et al 2014,42(4):33-40 3589
20061026 Determination study of total nitrogen in soil and plant by continuous flow analytical system 张英利,许安民,尚浩博 2006,34(10):128-132 3554
20060717 Study on favorable planting regions and effect of ecological factors of peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) 窦宏涛 2006,34(7):77-80 3498
20120923 Variation trends of soil enzyme activity and soil fertility in greenhouses with different planting years 杨建军,康恩祥,陈年来 2012,40(9):141-146 3384
20050619 Study progress on factors affecting soil enzyme activity 万忠梅,吴景贵 2005,33(6):87-92 3247
20041115 Study on the effects of deodorizing microorganism on poultry manure composting 高 华,秦清军,谷 洁 2004,32(11):59-64 3215
20041235 Estrogen receptor and its molecular mechanism 赵晓民,徐小明 2004,32(12):154-158 3157
20130122 Kiwifruit grafting efficiencies with different dates and cultivars in the northern area of Qinling Mountains 邓丰产,刘占德,陈永安 2013,41(1):137-142 3102
20060229 Prospect of researches on soil stabilizer 樊恒辉,高建恩,吴普物 2006,34(2):141-146 3031
20060220 Research on fresh-keeping of cut Rosa hybrida flowers with different matching preservatives 朱东兴,郁 达,王俊宇 2006,34(2):95-99 2955
20150805 Construction of recombinant adenovirus vector and viral packaging of ADIG gene in Qinchuan cattle ZHANG Qiong, JIANG Bi-jie and CHENG Gong,et al 2015,43(8):33-38 2932
20060721 Research progress in 4 key functional oligosaccharides 单黎然,龚月桦,贾建光 2006,34(7):96-100 2911
199904135 The Research Situation about Effects of Nitrogen on Certain Physiological and Biochemical Process in Plants 曹翠玲,李生秀,苗 芳 1999,27(4):96-101 2894
20060720 Studies on the transformation of plasmid Prok Ⅱ into Agrobacterium tumefaciens LBA4404 and C58C1 朱锦辉,权军利,何玉科 2006,34(7):91-95 2886
20100106 Analysis of the structure and function of porcine Musclin protein by bioinformatics SUN Chao,WANG Li,QI Ren-li and JIANG Dong-feng 2010,38(1):30-34 2709

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