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20090806 Detecting Citrullinemia in Holstein Calves using PCR-SSCP analysis 魏玉春,刘丑生,王新庄 2009,37(8):31-35 23557
20130217 Cloning and expression analysis of a powdery mildew-responsive VqAP gene in Chinese wild Vitis quinquangularis 牛 姣,王西平 2013,41(2):101-107 17550
20121235 Implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy controller for smartcar based on fuzzyTECH 杨凯峰,王 击,彭 辉 2012,40(12):230-234 16232
20090721 Genetic performance of several traits in F1 hybrids of different cross combinations in Amaryllis vittata 闫 芳,牛立新,原雅玲 2009,37(7):122-128 13380
20071130 Effects of soil cornstalk fertilization on nutrient leaching in preferential flow 耿玉辉,卢文喜,姜亦梅 2007,35(11):146-150 10473
20140933 Application of EVP model in horizontal displacement calculation of soft soil foundation by preloading treatment HU Sheng-xia, LI Yong and ZHANG Yang 2014,42(9):227-234 10096
20150503 Yield and quality of hybrid F1 grass of different alfalfa varieties with male sterile line MS-GN JIA Rui, YU Hong-zhu and XU Bo,et al 2015,43(5):12-20 9426
19890355 TRACING BACK TO THE SOURCES OF GRAPHICAL SYMBOLS (Hong Yimei Lu Qipeng) (Northwestern Agricultural University) 1989,(3):77-84 8007
20150315 Genetic transformation of lily embryogenic callus with ACO-RNAi vector by Agrobacterium tumefaciens TIAN Fei-fei, LIU Ya-li and DU Ling-juan,et al 2015,43(3):105-112 7466
20140404 Research on the characteristics of basal cells of chicken trachea epithelium cells infected by IBV SUN Pei, YANG Rong and GU Chao-yi,et al 2014,42(4):22-26 7354
20090238 Development of study on AnnAGNPS model and its application 李家科,李怀恩,李亚娇 2009,37(2):225-234 7087
20081033 The optimization of RAPD-PCR system with orthogonal design and primers screening in Platycodon grandiflorum 夏晓娟,王 丽,魏建和 2008,36(10):193-198 7039
20060717 Study on favorable planting regions and effect of ecological factors of peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) 窦宏涛 2006,34(7):77-80 7034
20080719 The mechanism and model validation of ecological engineering of forestry (grass) in Loess Plateau 韩新辉,杨改河,徐丽萍 2008,36(7):118-126 7032
20041235 Estrogen receptor and its molecular mechanism 赵晓民,徐小明 2004,32(12):154-158 6338
20110223 Optimization of fermentation conditions of oleaginous yeast Lipomyces starkeyi for fatty produce 吴开云,耿青伟,李纪元 2011,39(2):150-156 6078
20090719 Optimization of fermentation conditions of tomato endophytic actinomyces Fq24 刘永齐,刘慧平,张 姝 2009,37(7):110-114 5762
20100611 Effects of composite vitamin nanoemulsion on growth performance and immunity in broilers 张文娟,欧阳五庆,胡 帅 2010,38(6):61-66 4688
20060721 Research progress in 4 key functional oligosaccharides 单黎然,龚月桦,贾建光 2006,34(7):96-100 4683
20050619 Study progress on factors affecting soil enzyme activity 万忠梅,吴景贵 2005,33(6):87-92 4634

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