Volume 50,Issue 10,2022 Table of Contents

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Annotation and function analysis on new transcripts of three beef cattle groups
  WANG Zhengwen, ZHANG Lingyun, AN Xuejiao,et al
  2022,50(10):1-13 [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF 3.81 M (274)]
Isolation,identification and antibacterial activity of bioactive peptides from sika antler plate
  ZHOU Yijun, YANG Mei, WANG Yipu,et al
  2022,50(10):14-22 [Abstract(157)]  [View PDF 3.63 M (171)]
Protective mechanism of Forsythia suspense leaves extract against drug-induced liver injury
  FAN Biyue, WANG Meng, PAN Yangyang,et al
  2022,50(10):23-33 [Abstract(157)]  [View PDF 3.18 M (159)]


Effects of steam explosion on color and intrinsic quality of tobacco stems
  YAO Xubo, YANG Yongfeng, MA Yangyang,et al
  2022,50(10):34-43 [Abstract(187)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (226)]


Effects of fertilization on root morphology and seedling quality of Phoebe bournei
  WANG Yan, FENG Jinling, WU Xiaohui,et al
  2022,50(10):44-56 [Abstract(196)]  [View PDF 1.76 M (204)]
Dynamics of oil and fatty acid accumulation during fruit development of Acer truncatum Bunge used for oil
  CHANG Pan, GU Xiting, MA Jianwen,et al
  2022,50(10):57-67 [Abstract(161)]  [View PDF 2.42 M (196)]
Effects of fire intensity on surface fuel of Pinus tabuliformis in Taiyue Mountain,Shanxi Province
  CHEN Sifan, GAO Jian, GAO Min,et al
  2022,50(10):68-77 [Abstract(157)]  [View PDF 1.62 M (145)]


Identification and pathogenicity of a root-lesion nematode on corn in Changzhi,Shanxi
  LIU Yankun, WANG Shuo, XU Feifei,et al
  2022,50(10):78-86 [Abstract(166)]  [View PDF 5.47 M (157)]


Variation of volatile organic compounds in rhizosphere soil during growth period of Rehmannia glutinosa from different germplasms
  CHENG Mengjuan, GENG Xiaotong, ZHANG Bao,et al
  2022,50(10):87-96 [Abstract(134)]  [View PDF 3.32 M (152)]
Effects of combined application of N,P and K on yield,quality and nutrient absorption of Polygonatum cyrtonema
  LIU Yuhang, DENG Yuanwei, LIU Yamin,et al
  2022,50(10):97-105 [Abstract(149)]  [View PDF 1.92 M (129)]
Spatiotemporal variation of seasonal abandoned farmland in the Western Guanzhong Plain of Shaanxi based on GEE
  WANG Ke, SUN Jingyan, ZHANG Jielin,et al
  2022,50(10):106-115 [Abstract(124)]  [View PDF 4.45 M (144)]


Influence of chilling injury on potential activity of cucumber photosystem Ⅱ
  LU Miao, WAN Xiangbei, YUAN Kaikai,et al
  2022,50(10):116-124 [Abstract(207)]  [View PDF 3.78 M (216)]
Comprehensive evaluation of processing tomato lines quality in Hexi desert-oasis ecosystem region
  LI Youfu, ZHANG Huanhuan, DUAN Huimin,et al
  2022,50(10):125-134 [Abstract(156)]  [View PDF 2.75 M (174)]


Effect of bentonite content on tensile strength of remolded loess
  WANG Baozhong, MENG Minqiang, YANG Xiujuan,et al
  2022,50(10):135-143 [Abstract(131)]  [View PDF 4.43 M (128)]


Discrete element model construction and seedflesh separation process of seed gourd
  SUN Haobo, LI Shengyuan, HUANG Xiaopeng,et al
  2022,50(10):144-154 [Abstract(152)]  [View PDF 2.02 M (157)]

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