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Cloning analysis of OCA2 gene relationship of polymorphism with plumage color in Korean quail (Coturnix coturnix)
  LIU Pei, PANG Youzhi and ZHANG Xiaohui,et al
  2020,48(2):7-14 [Abstract(60)]  [View PDF 2.01 M (79)]
Correlation between FTO gene polymorphism and growth traits of polled yak
  MA Wu, ZHANG Hao and JIA Congjun,et al
  2020,48(2):,1-,6 [Abstract(65)]  [View PDF 1.78 M (80)]


Identification of chromosome ploidy of Psathyrostachys juncea germplasm and prediction of genome size
  LI Zhen, YUN Lan and WANG Jun,et al
  2020,48(2):26-33 [Abstract(67)]  [View PDF 2.11 M (65)]
Effects of exogenous salicylic acid on growth and antioxidant characteristics of flue-cured tobacco under cadmium and zinc stress
  ZHAO Mingxiang, ZHU Yongli and XIANG Rongrong,et al
  2020,48(2):34-41 [Abstract(64)]  [View PDF 2.84 M (79)]


Soil nutrient characteristics of Abies georgei var. smithii forest and its cutting site in Sejila Mountain
  GAO Tan, LI Jiangrong and LU Jie,et al
  2020,48(2):60-68 [Abstract(57)]  [View PDF 2.91 M (89)]
Effects of exogenous calcium on seed germination of Cyclobalanopsis glauca in Karst area of Northwestern Guangxi under draught stress
  DENG Ping, WU Min and ZHAO Ying,et al
  2020,48(2):69-79 [Abstract(56)]  [View PDF 3.66 M (65)]
Comparison of dehydration tolerance of oil and starch seeds
  ZHANG Hongjin, PAN Meng and GUO Sujuan,et al
  2020,48(2):80-86 [Abstract(41)]  [View PDF 3.31 M (50)]
Chloroplast genome structure and variation of Salicaceae plants
  LU Dongye, ZHANG Lei and ZHANG Guosheng,et al
  2020,48(2):87-94 [Abstract(44)]  [View PDF 3.06 M (54)]
Preparation of heat-treated copper-bearing Masson pine wood with anti-mildew property
  XIE Guijun, LI Lamei and MA Hongxia,et al
  2020,48(2):95-101 [Abstract(41)]  [View PDF 2.34 M (61)]
Driving factors of forest fire in Zhejiang province based on Logistic regression model
  CAI Qijun, ZENG Aicong and SU Zhangwen,et al
  2020,48(2):102-109 [Abstract(79)]  [View PDF 1.90 M (77)]


Optimization of ultrasonic far infrared drying process for carrot slices
  LI Wuqiang, WAN Fangxin and WEI Bo,et al
  2020,48(2):110-118 [Abstract(53)]  [View PDF 4.81 M (67)]
Photosynthetic physiological characteristics and its influencing factors of Polygonatum sibiricum Red. leaves in different positions
  XU Xiaolan, XU Shihao and LIANG Zongsuo,et al
  2020,48(2):119-128 [Abstract(49)]  [View PDF 1.99 M (82)]
Cytotoxicity of zinc sulfate on Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  WU Lihua, CHEN Yanfei and YI Huilan,et al
  2020,48(2):129-136 [Abstract(49)]  [View PDF 5.15 M (66)]
Eugenol induced apoptosis of cancer associated fibroblasts and its mechanism
  LI Yanmei, MA Jing and ZHANG Zhiwei,et al
  2020,48(2):137-142 [Abstract(58)]  [View PDF 3.02 M (62)]


Application of adaptive differential evolution algorithm in reversing aquifer parameters
  CHEN Tong, CHANG Anding and LI Jiangjie,et al
  2020,48(2):143-147 [Abstract(68)]  [View PDF 1.02 M (68)]
Influences of vegetation coverage on hydraulic characteristics of overland flow on an eroding bed
  TANG Keming, ZHANG Guanghui and CAO Ying
  2020,48(2):148-154 [Abstract(49)]  [View PDF 2.43 M (57)]


Effects of irrigation upper limit and fertilizer application on growth and development of tomato in greenhouse
  LI Yaoxia, YU Jihua and ZHANG Guobin,et al
  2020,48(2):42-51 [Abstract(48)]  [View PDF 1.58 M (64)]
Effects of nitrogen forms on tea quality and nitrogen metabolism related genes in tea leaves
  FANG Xiang, HU Guoce and SUN Qilu,et al
  2020,48(2):52-59 [Abstract(52)]  [View PDF 3.78 M (55)]


Origin and distribution pattern of family Fulgoridae (Hemiptera:Auchenorrhyncha)
  XIAO Zihao, WANG Wenqian and QIN Daozheng
  2020,48(2):15-25 [Abstract(63)]  [View PDF 3.01 M (60)]


  ZHANG Guanghui
  2020,48(2) [Abstract(38)]  [View PDF]
  CAO Ying
  2020,48(2) [Abstract(32)]  [View PDF]

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